YKItreenit, englanti: Keskusteluja 2 (PT)

Kuuntele kolme keskustelua kahteen kertaan. Kunkin keskustelun kuulemisen jälkeen vastaa valitsemalla oikea vaihtoehto.

1. Mikä soittajan nimi oli?
MAN: May I talk to Mr Virtanen, please?
WOMAN: I'm afraid he's not in the office right now. Can I take a message?
MAN: Would you ask him to call Mr __?
WOMAN: Would you, please, spell it?
MAN: __.
WOMAN: Thank you, I'll let him know you called.
2. Liz uskoi, että mies
WOMAN: Who was that, Bob?
MAN: I don't know. I don't think I know him. He must have taken me for someone else.
WOMAN: More know Tom Foole than Tom Foole knows.
MAN: Don't you try that, Liz! I would certainly remember if I knew him!
3. Mitä mies harjoitteli?
WOMAN: Do you feel comfortable now?
MAN: No, not at all! I feel very unsteady. I'm supposed to be able to move on these?
WOMAN: Of course! Now kick with one foot to get started.
MAN: Can't I at least have a pair of sticks or something? Honestly, I won't be able to keep my balance.
WOMAN: Yes, you will if you trust yourself. And you know how to brake if you are going to bump into someone or if the lights suddenly turn red.
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