YKItreenit, englanti: Tarina 2 (PT)

Kuuntele tarina kahteen kertaan. Vastaa kuuntelun jälkeen valitsemalla oikea vaihtoehto.

1. Kuka/Ketkä lupasivat muuttoapua?
Sam was moving out. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time, and finally the day had come. He had planned everything very carefully – all the things had been packed already, two days ago, his friends had agreed to come and help him with the carrying, and his aunt's husband had promised to drive him, his furniture, boxes and bags to his new address. But, to Sam's great disappointment, his aunt called him that morning, and explained that she had completely forgotten he was moving, and they had left for their summer holidays, and were already about 300 km away from Sam's apartment. Luckily, Sam's dad was available, and promised to help him – and by the end of the day Sam was already sitting in his new home, in the middle of all the boxes, bags and furniture.
2. Miksi tädin mies ei tullut apuun?
Koska hän oli...
3. Kommelluksista huolimatta muutto onnistui
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