Olympic hockey: Finnish women roll over Sweden 7-2

The Finnish women's hockey team cleared their way for a shot at a medal when they downed Sweden 7-2 in a quarter-final match at the Winter Olympics on Saturday.

Naisleijonat Image: Lehtikuva

Three goals for Finland in the first period by Petra Nieminen, Riikka Välilä, and Susanna Tapani set the pace for Saturday's game.

Sweden managed to slip the puck by Finnish goalie Noora Rätys 28.53 into the game, but Finland quickly recovered and Riikka Väliä picked up her second goal for the day just 36 seconds after Sweden's first.

Sweden scored again at the end of the second period. In the final period, Finland saw two more goals by Emma Nuuitinen and Sanni Hakala.

Finland will meet the United States in the semi-finals on Monday. Finland's women's hockey team started its 2018 Olympic tournament with a 1-3 loss to Team USA.


Finland – Sweden 7–2

06.12 1–0 Petra Nieminen (Hovi)

11.32 2–0 Riikka Välilä (Rauhunen)

17.44 3–0 Susanna Tapani (Tulus, Välimäki)

27.14 4–0 Michelle Karvinen (Tuominen, Savolainen)

28.53 4–1 Emma Nordin (Grahm, Svedin)

29.29 5–1 Riikka Välilä (Karvinen, Tapani)

39.12 5–2 Rebecca Stenberg (Nylén-Persson)

44.35 6–2 Emma Nuutinen (Tulus, Rahunen)

57.47 7–2 Sanni Hakala (Rajahuhta)