Finland loses 3-1 to Sweden – path to finals fraught

Finland's Olympic hockey team met its match on Sunday, with Sweden taking the win in the last match of the Group C preliminary round. The Lions next face South Korea.

Sweden's Anton Lander, one of the game's scorers. Image: AOP

Sweden beat Finland 3-1 in the Group C preliminary round of the men's Olympic ice hockey on Sunday. After this first defeat Finland will have to face host country South Korea on Tuesday for a chance to stay in the running, whereas Sweden is guaranteed a spot in the quarter-finals.

Sweden made two goals in the first round, but one of them was disqualified due to Pär Lindholm's high-sticking. Anton Lander's point was clean.

In the second round Finland's Joonas Kemppainen took Miika Koivisto's assist to score the team's only goal in the game. The final goal was slipped in by Sweden's Patrik Zackrisson.

"Both teams were playing it safe in the third round, waiting for the right moment. In the end Finland couldn't fend off the Swedish players," Yle hockey expert Jyrki Aho says.

Sweden won the Group C playoffs, followed by Finland, Germany and Norway.