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Tapio Luoma elected new Archbishop

The Bishop of Espoo, Tapio Luoma, received 56 percent of the votes and will replace the current Archbishop Kari Mäkinen upon his retirement in June.

Tapio Luoma Image: Roni Lehti / Lehtikuva

Bishop Tapio Luoma has been elected the next Archbishop of Finland's Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Luoma, who is currently the Bishop of the diocese of Espoo, received 56 percent of the votes in the second round of the election, thereby beating his contender Björn Vikström, the Bishop of the diocese of Porvoo.

The first round of election took place in February and at that time Luoma and Vikström collected the most votes.

At present, the most contentious issue within the Lutheran church is the question of same-sex marriage. While Luoma does not support marrying gay couples in the church, he says he will stand behind any decision that the Church makes in the matter.

Luoma, who is 55, will replace the current archbishop Kari Mäkinen in June when Mäkinen retires.