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Exclusive women-only island resort plans going ahead in Finland

Plans to open a women-only island resort in Finland's south-western archipelago are still moving ahead, but the frustrated organiser says she's looking to the Caribbean for future projects.

Image: Esko Jämsä / AOP

German-American entrepreneur Kristina Roth's Supershe island project has drawn widespread international attention — and criticism — for catering to elites and has even sparked an inquiry from Finland’s Ombudsman for Equality.

Over the past few days, reports emerged that Roth was abandoning the project, but she is now setting the record straight to Yle: ”We are opening on June 23 as planned,” she says, adding that she is scrapping plans to make further investments in Finland.

The island off the coast of Raasepori off the southern coast will cater to "supershes," affluent women looking to network, relax, and congregate at all-inclusive luxury resorts. According to the supershe website (siirryt toiseen palveluun), the island can accommodate ten people in four newly-renovated cabins.

Roth finds Finland a difficult place for business

"My experience as an outsider and investor in this beautiful country led me to reconsider future plans," she said. Earlier this week Roth told business daily Kauppalehti that Finland was a "negative country that sucks energy and money."

The entrepreneur is instead turning her focus to projects in the Caribbean.

”I’ve dumped millions of euros into your country. I had planned to make future investments in the Finnish archipelago and Lapland, but at this rate it’s not happening,” she said.

Aija Valleala from the equality ombudsman’s office says their investigation is still ongoing into whether a women-only business classifies as illegal discrimination.