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Finnish PM: No plans to emulate Sweden's crisis survival pamphlet

Sweden is in the process of distributing an illustrated pamphlet entitled "If crisis or war comes" to 4.8 million households across the country.

Nordic premiers are meeting in Sweden this week. Image: Riikka Uosukainen / Yle

Finland does not have plans to publish war and crisis preparation guidelines to all of its residents as Sweden is currently doing.

The 20-page guide - being distributed to all Swedish households - includes topics on survival during times of crisis, including how to find bomb shelters, locating clean water and food and other emergency tips.

At a two-day meeting with Nordic leaders in Sweden, Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä said that Finland does not intend to distribute such guidelines.

"There are no plans to send out this kind of leaflet," Sipilä said.

Explaining why Sweden decided to issue the warning pamphlets, PM Stefan Löfven told Yle that while there is no current military threat looming, the purpose of the publication is to inform residents how to act in a crisis situation.

Global hot spots and 5G networks

Sipilä and other Nordic leaders are attending an informal meeting this week in Sweden's High Coast region on the Gulf of Bothnia.

Ministers discussed topics including situations in countries such as Syria and North Korea, the Baltic region and Russia.

The Nordic PMs are scheduled to sign a mutual agreement to speed up the development of 5G mobile data networks, the next generation of wireless internet connectivity.