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President Niinistö reproaches Foreign Minister for attending anti-abortion rally

Foreign Minister Timo Soini attended an anti-abortion rally in Canada in May and later blogged about it.

President Niinistö said Foreign Minister Soini's visit to an anti-abortion rally was "strange". Image: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

President of Finland Sauli Niinistö says he considers Foreign Minister Timo Soini's public voicing of anti-abortion sentiment abroad to be "strange".

The Finns Party's Soini participated in the March for Life anti-abortion rally of 15,000 people in Ottawa, Canada on 11 May. The event reportedly featured candlelight vigils and group prayers for the souls of aborted foetuses.

Soini at the time said he attended the rally as a private individual, rather than as Foreign Minister. Later he also reiterated and defended his negative stance towards abortion in his blog, saying "how odd it is that someone would have to defend the right to defend life".

The self-described devout Catholic politician also went online to voice his displeasure with new steps to make abortion legal in Ireland. Several of Soini's political peers, including National Coalition Party MPs Kai Mykkänen and Anne-Mari Virolainen quickly rejected his anti-abortion sentiments, saying they were not in line with Finland's official policy.

In relation to the trip to Ottawa, President Niinistö told financial paper Talouselämä on Saturday that a minister cannot simply switch from being an official to a private civilian on trips to other countries.

"In some situations a minister can perhaps be considered to be a private individual in their free time, but expressing opinions is another matter," Niinistö said in Talouselämä. "It isn't just a private person's act if a minister takes a stand on a subject that is relevant and debated in the country they are visiting."