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Eurostat: Finland 8th most expensive country in Europe

Finns pay more for alcohol and restaurant visits than other Europeans but less for electricity and communications services.

Consumer goods and services in Finland are the eighth most expensive in Europe, according to figures published by the European Union’s statistics agency Eurostat. Image: Hanna Othman / Yle

Last year, Finland was the eighth most expensive country in Europe, according to a Eurostat study published by Statistics Finland this week.

Price levels varied significantly between countries, with Iceland, Switzerland and Norway recording the highest prices, followed by Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, and Ireland.

In contrast, household expenditures were the lowest in Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Serbia.

Statistics Finland says alcohol, tobacco, restaurant meals and hotel stays were relatively more expensive in Finland, while energy costs and internet subscription fees ranked below the European average.

Eurostat compared the prices of more than 2,000 consumer goods and services across 38 European countries. The survey included all of the European Union’s 28 member states, five candidate countries as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Kosovo.

In Denmark -- Europe's most expensive country according to the ranking -- consumer goods cost 42 percent more than the EU average. The lowest prices were meanwhile found in Bulgaria, with price tags 52 percent below the overall average.