Summertime scorcher heading to Finland

In the next few days temperatures will soar to 30 degrees in the north. Next week, it will be the turn of the rest of Finland to bask in tropical conditions.

Image: Suvi Turunen / Yle

Mixed weather is looming for Finland over the next few days. Parts of Lapland are bracing for temperatures reaching a sizzling 30 degrees Celsius, while northern Finland can expect a chance of showers with a side of thunder.

According to the Finnish Metereological Institute, FMI, Lapland has been issued a rare heat warning as temperatures may spike to uncomfortable levels. The yellow warning is issued when temperatures rise above 27 degrees with an average of over 20 degrees.

Dangerous conditions, which give rise to an orange warning, are flagged when daytime highs rise above 30 degrees and average over 24 degrees. On Wednesday, 31 degrees was recorded in the northern town of Sodankylä but FMI predicts the 30-degree marker could be broken again in the next few days.

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Image: Yle Grafiikka

Meanwhile in southern parts of the country overcast skies are in the offing, with fickle rain clouds moving along the western border in the following days. The weather however will turn towards favourable conditions once more in the south and west as scorching temperatures are on the horizon for the weekend.

”Friday’s air mass is quite warm so where it is not raining and the sun is shining, we’re looking at temperatures around 25 degrees,” said Yle metereologist Joonas Koskela.

FMI predicts the balmy blanket will envelop the country for the week and possibly longer. The most blistering highs will be felt in central and northern areas, while southern Finland will be looking at overcast skies with temperatures in the twenties. Warmer conditions are not out of the question as FMI say busting the 30-degree mark is also possible.

Image: Yle Grafiikka