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Finnish teen, parents convicted of fraud, money laundering in online casino case

A teenager from Forssa who scammed an online casino out of more than 130,000 euros has been convicted of aggravated fraud.

A teenage boy from Forssa who scammed an online casino in Malta out of more than 100,000 euros, appeared in Häme District Court on Monday. He was sentenced after being convicted on charges of aggravated fraud as a minor.

The 18-year-old was slapped with suspended sentence of one year and eight months. He was 16 at the time when he allegedly took advantage of an IT glitch to register as a customer with a fake date of birth.

The casino's system was set up to give clients the option of cancelling the return of their funds, so that the refund was paid into an online wallet as well as the customer's bank account.

Over the course of about a month he reportedly exploited the bug to transfer a total of more than 132,000 euros of the casino's funds to his personal bank account.

Prosecutors claim the defendant had the casino transfer refunds to his bank account 417 times between April and May 2017. An employee of the casino discovered the scam in July 2017.

Parents also convicted

In addition he must pay back the online casino the ill-gotten gains of 132,000 euros and pay the company’s legal fees of 3,000 euros. The young man's father and mother were also charged with money laundering in the case.

His father received a five-month suspended sentence for aggravated money laundering and was also ordered to hand over 14,500 euros that had been transferred to his account.

The young man’s mother received a 60-day suspended sentence for money laundering, and was ordered to repay 2,300 euros and a motorcycle valued at more than 5,000 euros that was purchased using the ill-gotten gains.

The court decision is not yet enforceable as the defendants still have the right to appeal the conviction and sentencing.

Edit: Headline updated at 8.08pm to reflect the fact that family members were convicted following Monday's court session.