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United Brotherhood gang members suspected of extortion, drug and gun offences

Authorities have so far seized about 30 weapons and an array of illicit drugs across southern Finland.

NBI headquarters in Vantaa. Image: Kimmo Brandt / AOP

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) suspects two dozen men linked to an organised crime group called the United Brotherhood of a wide range of serious crimes. They range from aggravated drug and weapons offences to extortion. Twelve men are now in custody. The investigation is focused on the Turku and Salo areas of south-west Finland.

The NBI has teamed up with police in south-west Finland and Helsinki on the probe. It began in February with suspicions that United Brotherhood was selling drugs in the Turku area, which then extended to parallel operations in the capital region.

Tell-tale notes

Police have so far confiscated about three kilos of amphetamines, 5,500 Subutex tablets and smaller amounts of other drugs. One kilo of amphetamines was seized based on slips of paper found during a search of the gang’s Tuusula headquarters, which said exactly where and when it would be delivered and picked up in Helsinki, according to police.

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Police found a note detailing drug deliveries. Image: Poliisi

Extortion over trumped-up debts

The preliminary investigation, authorities found that a Helsinki gang member had bought a significant number of guns for the group to use and sell. He is suspected of storing 10 firearms and a significant amount of ammunition in the garage of a Vantaa apartment building. They included submachine guns, shotguns and rifles. Altogether 30 weapons have been seized, including seven from the Tuusula clubhouse.

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Seized weapons Image: Poliisi

Police say they have also uncovered two cases of aggravated extortion, involving trumped-up debts of 20,000 euros.

The NBI and Helsinki police have already handed over their preliminary investigation material to the Helsinki prosecutor’s office, while that from the Southwestern Finland Police Department will be handed over soon.