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British tabloid: Saara Aalto asked to join Spice Girls reunion tour

The Sun reports that Mel C told the Finnish vocalist that "you could be the fifth Spice Girl, if you want".

Saara Aalto Image: Matti Matikainen / AOP

The British tabloid The Sun has released a story (siirryt toiseen palveluun) that says that Finnish singing sensation Saara Aalto has been offered the role of the "fifth Spice Girl" in the reunion tour of the superstar British pop group The Spice Girls.

"With party pooper Victoria Beckham refusing to be part of the Spice Girls reunion tour this summer, massive stars from Katy Perry to Adele have been touted to join the band on stage in place of Posh. But it turns out Mel C has already offered the gig — for at least part of the summer — to Saara Aalto," the tabloid writes.

In a video linked to the piece, Aalto asks Mel C if she could join the group as the sixth Spice Girl, to which 'Sporty Spice' replied that "you could be the fifth Spice Girl, if you want."

The Sun reporter says Saara considers herself "a Spice Girls superfan" and is very excited about the prospects of joining at least some of their concerts.

"They want to have a fifth member for the tour. I was like, ‘Is this a real question?’ It’s insane. Posh was my favourite Spice Girl but she didn't have that many lines to sing," Aalto told the tabloid.

Four of the original five Spice Girls are planning a reunion tour this summer that would include six stadium performances. Saara Aalto would appear in at least part of them, The Sun reports.

Aalto became a major star in the UK after coming in second in Britain's X-Factor talent show. After this she represented Finland at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.