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First diamond found in Lapland

Unearthed in the gold panning village of Tankavaara, the discovery of the far north's first diamond has been confirmed.

The diamond discovered in Lapland. Image: Courtesy of Mineralogical Museum, CeNak, University Hamburg

What is thought to be the first diamond discovered in Lapland has been confirmed as such.

German geologist Kasper von Wuthenau found the diamond in August 2018, when he and two German goldsmiths were panning for gold at Tankavaara, Lapland. The gem, which measures about 0.7 millimetres in diametre, was recently confirmed to be a diamond at the University of Hamburg’s Mineralogical Museum.

According to von Wuthenau, who has panned for gold in Lapland for the past 30 years, no diamonds have ever been found in the region.

In Lapland, a few precious stones including rubies and sapphires have been discovered, mainly in the Lemmenjoki gold area.