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Vandals hurl smoke bomb at window of Oulu mosque

It was the ninth time that the mosque had been targeted by vandals, according to Imam Abdul Mannan.

Image from 2015. Vandals have targeted the mosque on several occasions. Image: Yle Oulu

A window of a Muslim prayer room in downtown Oulu in northern Finland was shattered on Monday night when vandals attacked the facility with a smoke bomb, police said on Tuesday.

The incident resulted in smoke spreading through the stairwell of the property, but police said that no one was harmed.

The attack was recorded on a surveillance camera, with footage suggesting that the perpetrator was a slim individual wearing a hoodie as well as a dark jacket and a while cap.

Oulu police are currently investigating the incident as a case of property damage and are asking the public with any information about the incident to contact them.

Imam Abdul Mannan said that the smoke bomb attack was the ninth time that the mosque had been vandalised within one year.

The last incident occurred at Christmas and before that around Independence Day, when vandals trashed the property and discarded halal meat that had been stored in a freezer.

Oulu is currently home to an estimated 3,000-odd Muslims. The mosque in question is attended by roughly 1,000 people from more than 20 different countries.