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Court hands down 44-month jail term in Oulu child sex abuse case

The court also ordered the defendant to pay the victim 9,500 euros for distress arising from the offence.

The defendant in an Oulu court on Wednesday. Image: Elisa Kinnunen / Yle

A 44-year-old man has been slapped with a three-year eight-month prison sentence after being found guilty of aggravated child sexual abuse and aggravated rape. The offences were found to have occurred between summer and autumn last year.

On Wednesday the Oulu District Court convicted the defendant, Muso Asoev, and said that it based its ruling and sentencing on the trust that the victim -- a 10-year-old child -- had placed in the accused.

The court also ordered Asoev to pay the victim 9,500 euros for distress arising from the offence and an additional 1,500 euros for pain, suffering and other afflictions.

The court said that the trust the child placed in the accused played a role in its sentencing. The man had no previous criminal record.

Other suspected child sex offences

Wednesday's verdict is the first of several cases of suspected child sex abuse under investigation in Oulu that came to light late last year.

At the time police said they suspected eight men of child sex abuse committed over a period of several months. Police said they believe that one of the suspects may have purchased sexual services from a young person.

According to investigators the suspects include Finnish nationals as well as foreigners. They said that the suspects approached their victims online and speculated that some of the suspects and victims knew each other otherwise.