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Yle's "election compass" launches ahead of EU Parliament vote

Voters in Finland can try Yle’s compass to help them find candidates who reflect their political ideals.

File photo of European Union flag in Brussels, Belgium. Image: Stephanie Lecoqo / EPA

Yle has launched an election compass (siirryt toiseen palveluun) to help voters in Finland cast their ballots during European Parliament elections later this month.

Finish citizens are not the only ones who will be queuing at polling stations to vote on 26 May. Eligible citizens of other EU countries resident in Finland - as well as employees of the EU and of international organisations - may also vote in Finland provided they have registered to vote here.

Election compasses have proven to be highly popular in Finland. A similar tool launched ahead of Finnish parliamentary elections just over one month ago attracted more than one million users, with thousands returning to the service repeatedly.

The European election promises to be as closely-watched as the national vote, with pundits keeping an eye on the fortunes of the nationalist Finns Party and the Left Alliance who both enhanced their presence in the regional parliament after the 2014 vote.

You can try the election compass to see which candidates’ views align most with yours (siirryt toiseen palveluun).