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Two hurt in downtown Helsinki shooting, police say

Two people were injured in a shooting incident Tuesday, police said they have apprehended one suspect and are investigating.

A dented vehicle at the site of Tuesday afternoon's shooting incident on Hietalahdenkatu in Helsinki's Kamppi district. Image: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

A shooting took place in downtown Helsinki injuring two people on Tuesday afternoon, according to police. The incident occurred on the street of Hietalahdenkatu in the city's Kamppi district.

Members from the police, fire and rescue services departments were called to the scene.

Police announced at 5:43 pm one suspect was in custody and said earlier that the injuries sustained by the shooting victims were not life-threatening.

Police tweeted at 5:23 pm that "Currently, no acute danger is known in the center of Helsinki. We continue to investigate the incident."

Evening tabloid newspaper Iltalehti reported that an eyewitness said three shots had been fired.

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Iltalehti published a photo of an ambulance and police vehicle at the location of the incident, and quoted an eyewitness saying that there were at least five police vehicles at the site.

According to news service STT, an eyewitness said a person was lying on the street, receiving first aid from rescue workers, while another individual was reportedly seen holding the midsection of his or her own body.

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Several police units as well as rescue services responded to the scene. Image: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

STT also reported that a passenger aboard a tram which was in the area as the incident occurred said the streetcar stood still for about ten minutes. People reportedly approached the tram stop, saying they had heard shots fired.

The news agency reported that a number of police officers were seen in the area of the Ruoholahti metro station at about 4:30pm, which is a few blocks from where the shots were reportedly fired.

A Twitter user named Howard Guo responded to the Helsinki police department's tweet about the incident.

"A white car stopped at that intersection, i heard three gunshots, and then two men started walking away from the vehicle at normal pace, after hearing the gunshots passengers disembarking from Ruoholahden Villat tram stop started to run," Guo tweeted at 4:40pm Tuesday.

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