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Monday’s papers: Shooting suspects, lotto win rocks Siilinjärvi and 5AM club guru lectures those who like a lie-in

The press on Monday is dominated by the two suspects apprehended near Tampere on Sunday evening.

It's been a busy weekend for police in Finland. Image: Antti Eintola / Yle

The newspapers were understandably dominated by the high-speed chase through the countryside on Sunday evening that ended with the detention of two suspects on Sunday evening.

As of Monday morning, police still had not confirmed that the two were suspected of involvement in the shooting of two police officers in Porvoo earlier in the weekend. One of those officers is still in hospital with serious injuries, but the patient’s condition is stable.

As they were stopped by police just outside Tampere, the local paper Aamulehti goes big (siirryt toiseen palveluun) on the story. It has a gallery of pretty grainy phone pics, which is unfortunately behind the papers’ paywall.

Ilta-Sanomat has (siirryt toiseen palveluun) a video from reader Arto’s dashcam, which shows the aftermath of the police operation. The paper describes it as ‘like in the movies’, which would be a very generous appraisal of Arto’s cinematography.

HS has (siirryt toiseen palveluun) perhaps the most relevant story about the weekend’s events, offering five open questions that are yet to be resolved after two separate (yet possibly linked) instances of people shooting at police. They are:

  1. What was the emergency call police attended in Porvoo? Were the police ambushed?
  2. What kind of exchange of fire took place there? Did the police shoot at the suspects? Were they forced to give up their weapons?
  3. Who are the suspects?
  4. How did the suspects get away?
  5. Why did they shoot police?

Siilinjärvi millions

Aamulehti also goes to Siilinjärvi (siirryt toiseen palveluun) in search of Eurojackpot millionaires after Friday’s big win. The winning ticket scooped 92 million euros in the transnational European lottery, and was a syndicate ticket sold to some 50 different people at the local supermarket.

Each won some 1.8 million euros, and the town of 20,000 in rural eastern Finland has been awash with media ever since.

AL spoke to Ebla Katainen, a pensioner who managed to grab a piece of the winning ticket.

“A week ago in the same syndicate I won 50 cents in the Eurojackpot, so now we got a slightly bigger sum,” said Katainen. “One week I didn’t get to play at all as I was too busy picking berries in the forest. Luckily not this week.”

She told AL that on Friday, after checking and re-checking the ticket, she had a couple of glasses of cognac and slept “really well”.

Her plans include giving decent amounts to her children and grandchildren, a special holiday with her seven siblings and either a renovation of her current home or moving to live by the lake. But staying in Siilinjärvi, of course.

'5AM club' advocate starts the week

If you’re struggling to look lively at the start of the week, Helsingin Sanomat has some advice (siirryt toiseen palveluun). It comes from Robin Sharma, the Canadian life coach to billionaires and business leaders, whose book has just been translated into Finnish.

The book is called The 5AM club: Own your Morning. Elevate your Life and its central point is that people should, well, get up at 5am and spend time exercising, relaxing and studying.

Or rather they should get up at 4:45AM so they’re ready to get cracking straight away once it’s time to join the exclusive club of 5AM risers.

HS interviewed the motivational guru by Skype, and sounded a little sceptical about his advice.

What about people who aren’t aiming to become international business leaders? What about ordinary people who just want to get through their hectic family routines?

Sharma was not happy to hear the words ‘ordinary people’.

“There’s no such thing as an ‘ordinary person’,” chides Sharma. “If you can change your own routine and get up at five o’clock, you can concentrate and do your work better than before and at the same time get a better life.”

So if you’re struggling to adjust to the daily grind after a pleasant weekend off, you know what to do tomorrow. Starting at 4:45AM.