New Google data centre to employ 1,700 builders in Hamina

Construction of the 600-million-euro facility is set to be completed in two years.

Data centres hold vast numbers of servers that handle Google's online traffic load. Image: Pyry Sarkiola / Yle

Tech giant Google announced it has begun construction of a new data centre in the Southern Finland city of Hamina.

Google said it has already selected part of its team of main contractors, including both domestic and international companies.

One of the companies chosen is the American engineering agency Fluor. Construction sector papers wrote that Fluor is currently hiring employees for the Hamina centre through its Dutch subsidiary.

"Subcontractors have the opportunity to work out smaller work contracts with local contractors, as long as the work goes smoothly," said Google spokesman for Finland and Sweden Joakim Larsson.

Construction of the data centre will ramp up in late 2019 and early 2020, when the need for labour will likely employ 1,500-1,700 people.

The construction of the facility will take about two years. After its completion the data centre will employ 30 new tech workers.

Google announced its new 600-million-euro investment in May. The company's first data centre was built in the old paper factory in Summa, a suburb of Hamina, in 2011.