Porvoo shooting suspects remanded into custody in Vantaa court

The men were remanded into pre-trial custody on suspicion of two counts of attempted murder.

The older of the two suspects concealed his face as media representatives took photos. Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

The Itä-Uusimaa district court in Vantaa has remanded two men into pre-trial custody on suspicion of two counts of attempted murder, following an incident in which two police officers were shot in Porvoo, southeast Finland late Saturday night.

The remand hearing for the younger of the two men, who are said to be brothers with Swedish citizenship, began shortly after 2.00pm on Thursday afternoon and wrapped up shortly afterwards at about 2.15pm. The older brother has dual Finnish-Swedish citizenship.

The 25 year-old man’s name was given as Raymond Johannes Granholm. According to Yle reporter Päivi Happonen, the younger suspect initially hid his face as the session began but later sat in court with his face uncovered.

The remand hearing for the other suspect, the older brother whose named has been reported as Richard Nicholas Granholm, began immediately afterwards. That session ended at about 2.30pm.

The hearings took place behind closed doors and the suspects were brought into the courtroom via a back door, away from the glare of the media gathered at the courthouse.

Media were however allowed into the courtroom for photos following the second remand hearing. During that time, the older Granholm concealed his face behind a cardboard folder.

Police questioning to continue

Police detained the two men on Sunday evening following an incident in Porvoo, some 50 kilometres east of Helsinki, in which two police officers were shot while responding to a routine call. Yle reported on Wednesday that the policemen did not discharge their weapons before they were shot.

The suspects fled the scene when backup units arrived and were on the loose for several hours. They were eventually apprehended in the Tampere area following a high-speed chase during which they also allegedly shot at police in pursuit.

The younger of the injured policemen was discharged from hospital on Monday, but the older officer is still receiving treatment for his injuries. However, his condition has been said to be stable.

Police said that they will continue questioning the suspects and added that they have not yet interviewed the officers who were injured in Saturday night’s shooting.

Police have until 24 January 2020 to complete a preliminary investigation and press formal charges.

Edit: Updated at 6.20pm with information about the police deadline for completing an investigation and charging the suspects.