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Coronavirus consequences: Unprecedented and excessive littering

Streets and parks in the Finnish city of Pori have been experiencing a massive litter problem.

Garbage from takeaway food is proving to be a problem for the Finnish city of Pori. Image: Pauliina Tolvanen / Yle

Takeaway food packaging is garbaging up the streets and parks of Pori, a city on the west coast of Finland.

“Part of the reason is because restaurants are closed and people are getting more takeaway food than usual. There are more food wrappers and packaging that people, unfortunately, are not putting in the garbage," says Arttu Tuominen,an environmental engineer with the city.

Tuominen says there has been an unprecedented number of complaints regarding garbage on the streets and green spaces of Pori in recent weeks.

In fact, there has been so much litter that at times it's been hard to keep the streets and parks trash-free.

The city wants to remind people that a clean environment is to everyone’s benefit.

“The responsibility for a clean environment is a shared one,” says Tuominen.