University of Vaasa switches entirely to distance learning

There was a coronavirus exposure incident within a student tutoring group last week, according to the insitution.

File photo of the University of Vaasa, in western Finland. Image: Yle/Joni Kyheröinen

The University of Vaasa has announced that all of its classes will be held remotely, until at least 22 September, due to coronavirus concerns.

The institution said it made the decision to switch to distance learning because of a coronavirus exposure incident within a student union tutoring group on 1 September.

"As a precaution, the university will switch from contact teaching to distance learning in all teaching, close reading rooms, switch to takeaway catering in restaurants and restrict movement at the university from 9 September to 22 September 2020," a university statement published Tuesday read.

University staff members will still be permitted to work on campus according to previously-established guidelines, according to the institution.

Before making the decision to call off face-to-face coursework, the school had plans to give first-year students a chance to attend classes on campus, while other students would study remotely.