Ministry asks hospital districts for short-notice coronavirus reports

The social affairs and health ministry said it was anticipating an escalation of the epidemic.

File photo of a coronavirus testing centre in the city of Tornio. Image: Juuso Stoor / Yle

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has asked regional health authorities around the country for reports on how they plan to deal with an anticipated increase in infection rates.

The request was based on recent THL data on the coronavirus situation in the country, which shows an increase in new confirmed cases during the month of September.

The ministry noted that there is a clear danger the coronavirus situation in Finland will worsen.

The ministry's request, in accordance with the Communicable Diseases Act, was sent out to regional authorities on Wednesday, with instructions to turn in the reports just two days later, on Friday.

It also called on municipalities, health care districts, the Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and regional administrative agencies as well as Åland's provincial government to intensify efforts in light of the anticipated escalation of the situation.