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Police believe suspect shared Snapchat video after attempted murder

The incident occurred in the Kauppi forested recreational area of Tampere on Tuesday afternoon.

Screenshots from the video, which police suspect was filmed by one of the perpetrators. Image: Kuvakaappaus videolta.

Police in Tampere are investigating a possible link between a video uploaded to popular social media app Snapchat and a murder attempt which is suspected to have taken place in the forested outdoor area of Kauppi on Tuesday afternoon.

Police believe that the video was filmed by an underage male who has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. He is one of two young men, aged 16 and 17, taken into custody by police in relation to the incident.

The as-yet unidentified victim of the attack is currently being treated in hospital.

A video which was shared on Snapchat shows a person walking along a forest path with a knife in their hand. Someone, apparently the person filming, can be heard saying that they had just tried to rob "about five people".

"Then I stabbed someone four or five times and oh well, attempted murder and attempted robbery, going to jail for this," the male voice can be heard saying. "You guys can come say hello to me there."

Suspects being questioned

Yle has been made aware of a separate incident on Tuesday in the same area in which a multi-person filming team were threatened with a knife by young men.

Timo Rajakallio was a member of the team and told Yle that the situation was very threatening.

Commissioner Jari Kinnunen, who is heading the investigation, said that to the best of his knowledge no one has yet filed a report of an aggravated robbery in the area.

The suspects in the case are still being questioned, so Kinnunen did not want to comment at this stage on whether the police believe the video is connected to the incident.

Violent videos filmed by young people have become a topic of conversation in Finland, in particular after the video of the assault of a sixth-grade male at the Kytöpuisto school in Vantaa began to spread online.

Initial police investigations have revealed that the video was shared on several different social media and messaging platforms.