Victim Support calls increase after psychotherapy centre data hack

The hack has seen patient data leaked online.

Image: Markku Ulander / Lehtikuva

Victim Support Finland says calls have spiked after a data breach that has seen hackers publish personal data from hundreds of people as they ask psychotherapy centre Vastaamo to pay a ransom totalling hundreds of thousands of euros.

On Friday the victim support helpline saw eight times more calls than usual, according to the organisation's planner, Jenni Kreivi.

"We were able to react quickly and draft in some extra help for the rush," said Kreivi.

The service offers victims support and information free of charge, and the website also includes tips on how to limit the damage if your details are leaked online.

She says the organisation's website (link in Finnish) offers tips on stopping people from applying for credit in your name, changing your 'official' address, prevent them from registering things in your name and stop your details held on official databases from being handed over.

"It's important to act quickly," said Kreivi.

It's best to file a police complaint as soon as your own details have been published or if you are the victim of an extortionist.

Helsingin Sanomat reported on Saturday that some 200 police complaints had already been filed. At least three hundred people's data has been leaked online.