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Finland planning to introduce coronavirus vaccine certificate

A vaccine certificate, or 'passport', could make it easier to travel within the EU if more countries adopt the system.

Several countries within the EU are planning to introduce vaccination certification systems. Image: AOP

Preparations are being made at Finland's Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to introduce a coronavirus vaccination certificate, according to Yle sources.

Several EU countries have discussed introducing similar so-called vaccine 'passports', which could be used for travel between member states.

However, a joint EU decision on such a system has not yet been taken.

In Finland, the system of certification could be implemented by exporting an individual’s vaccination information into the nationwide electronic patient records database, Omakanta (siirryt toiseen palveluun). Officials believe it could be technically possible to obtain information from the database, and this could be used as a certificate of vaccination.

The Omakanta system allows users to view their own health information, including records and prescriptions.

The introduction of a vaccine certificate system would require a government decree, which is currently being drafted by the ministry.

This week, Finland’s Nordic neighbours Denmark and Sweden both said they were planning to introduce vaccine passports.

Greece was the first EU member state to seek vaccine certificates for tourism. The country wants to avoid introducing a mandatory coronavirus test at the border if passengers have already been vaccinated and can provide proof.

The airline industry group IATA has said that it supports the use of vaccine certificates in tourism. Finland’s national airline Finnair anticipates that at some point the certificates will be used in air travel, but the company has not yet decided its own position on their use.