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Finnair frequent flyer data hacked

Debit and credit card information was not taken, but the airline advises customers to change their passwords.

Finnair was informed of the data breach on Saturday. Image: Silja Viitala / Yle

Hackers have gained access to data from Finnair’s frequent flyer programme, according to a statement by the airline.

The system breach affects about 200,000 members of the Finnair Plus programme, the airline added.

Finnair was alerted to the hacking of a service provider that held some Finnair frequent flyer data last Saturday, and reported it to Finland’s Data Protection Authority.

Data including names, customer numbers, and meal and seating requests were taken, but the airline emphasised that the hackers did not receive contact information, payment card information or passwords, and the hacking did not affect Finnair's own systems.

The airline advised customers to change their Finnair Plus password.

EDIT This story was edited to clarify that Finnair's systems were not breached. The airline had passed frequent flyer data to the company that was hacked, via other airlines.