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Finland to celebrate May Day in chilly weather

Temperatures are expected to remain colder than average throughout the rest of the week, but there will be the occasional glimpse of sunshine.

Finland will celebrate May Day in sweater weather. Image: Petteri Bülow / Yle

The cold weather that has hit Finland recently will continue into the weekend, so May Day promises to be a chilly affair.

"Cool air has been flowing into most of Finland in recent days, and the air continues to flow in from the north. No significant rise in temperature is expected by May Day, which means that the chilly spring weather continues," said Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen.

Huutonen is, however, confident that the weather will not be as bad as it was the previous weekend.

"It is not as gloomy as last weekend, with the wind and sleet wreaking havoc. Less strong winds are expected this weekend," said Huutonen.

Forecasts for May Day Eve and May Day do not differ much. Daytime temperatures in southern and central Finland are close to ten degrees, and in the north it is expected to be either side of zero degrees. At night temperatures will dip below freezing throughout the country.

"We are experiencing colder-than-average weather, in the second half of April," confirmed Huutonen.

It is not advisable to seek warmer weather elsewhere in country, because all of Finland will remain chilly. Huutonen recommends finding warmth in the sauna.

Glimpses of sunshine

With cold and dry air flowing in from the north, Huutonen expects the cloud cover to occasionally break for a bit of sunshine.

During the day, however, rain clouds are expected to form, bringing with them precipitation in the form of sleet or rain all over the country. Overall, there will be little rainfall.

According to Huutonen, this type of weather will continue throughout the first week of May.

"There is no indication that we are headed for more summery weather. The winds continue to flow from the same direction," said Huutonen.