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Covid boosts advance voting as 1.5m cast ballots before Finland's local elections

Advance voting ended on Tuesday.

People queue up to vote in Huopalahti, Helsinki, on 8 June 2021. Image: Teemu Salonen / Lehtikuva

Nearly 1.5 million people have already voted in Finland's local elections ahead of the official election day on Sunday.

Voting has been brisk at polling stations set up at supermarkets, libraries, post offices and elsewhere across the country, and queues at some polling stations when they closed at 8pm on Tuesday.

All those lining up at the close of polling were allowed to cast their votes.

On Tuesday some 258,183 voters cast their ballots, bringing the total number of people who have cast their votes in advance to 1,470,901.

That represents some 33 percent of all those entitled to vote, up from 26.6 percent in 2017. Advance voting time has doubled from one week to two since that election.

There are 35,627 candidates running for office this time, a 5.6 percent increase on 2017.

Most people resident in Finland can vote in the local elections regardless of citizenship. Polls open on Sunday between 9am and 8pm.

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