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Flurries arriving in Finland

Yle's meteorologist says snow will cover the capital region by Tuesday morning.

Northern Lights over Kittilä on 20 November. Image: Tomi Hänninen

The first snow of the season will cover many parts of Finland next week.

"It looks like there will be quite a lot of snow," Yle meteorologist Joonas Koskela said.

Forecasts suggest a few centimetres of the white stuff will fall along the southern coast, including the capital area on Monday night.

Three separate low pressure areas are moving over Finland next week, with Tuesday night dumping snow along a band stretching from western Lapland to eastern Finland.

Winter is coming to central parts, according to Koskela, who said central areas could see up to 20 centimetres of midweek snow.

But while central and northern areas are being blanketed in the white stuff, the first ice crystals will quickly melt in southern Finland, where temperatures will range from -5C to +5C.

"It's a temperature roller coaster in southern Finland," he explained.

North of Vaasa the mercury will remain in subzero territory, with clear skies forecast for northern Finland, where daytime temperatures will hover around -15C, falling to -20C at night.