Lapland village registers coldest November temperature since 2010

The mercury dropped to -32.2℃ in Utsjoki on Wednesday.

Image: Tapani Leisti / Yle

Finland's northernmost municipality Utsjoki has broken this winter's cold weather record for the second time. The Kevojärvi weather station, located in the village of Kevo in Utsjoki, registered a temperature of -32.2℃ on Wednesday night.

According to a tweet (siirryt toiseen palveluun) by Mika Rantanen, a researcher at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, this is the lowest temperature recorded in November in Finland since 2010, when the mercury fell to -34℃ at the same weather station.

Kevojärvi previously broke this year's low temperature record with -29℃ on Monday night.

The station also registered Finnish Lapland's highest temperature on record this summer — 33.5℃ in July — indicating a whopping 65℃ drop in the past four months.

Wintry weather has hit other parts of Northern Lapland as well, with the mercury dropping well below zero in the villages of Nuorgam (-26℃) in the Utsjoki municipality and Kaamanen (-25℃) and Nellim (-24℃) in Inari.