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Police: Imatra bus driver brutally attacked by teenagers

Police suspect three young people aged 15 to 16 of attempted manslaughter.

Image: Silja Viitala / Yle

Three Imatra teenagers are being investigated by police in relation to a violent attack that took place on Monday night in central Imatra, eastern Finland. All three are suspected of attempted manslaughter.

The teenagers were reportedly vandalising the windows of a building when the victim, a local bus driver intervened. The victim was then attacked by two of the suspects, suffering kicks and stabs, while a third teen mostly filmed the altercation.

Police are in possession of the video and have interviewed all three suspects.

Chief Inspector Matti Raivikko, who isheading the investigation, described the violence as brutal.

"The victim was lying on the ground and was beaten and kicked all over his body. Several of the blows hit his head. One of the suspects held a knife with which he attacked the victim several times," the inspector said in a statement.

The victim is now in stable condition and has been interviewed by police.