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Greens leader Suomela confirms Covid infection

The Tampere MP took part in a party leaders' debate hosted by Yle on Thursday.

Green League interim leader Iiris Suomela. Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

Green League interim leader Iiris Suomela announced on Monday that she has tested positive for Covid-19.

The Tampere MP has been quarantining at home since Friday due to her infant child being infected with the virus.

Previous tests Suomela had taken were negative, but the rapid home test that she took on Monday turned out positive, she announced in a tweet on Monday afternoon.

The MP added that she is feeling fine due to already having taken a third booster dose of the Covid vaccine.

"My child's coronavirus infection now seems to have infected me," Suomela wrote.

"Fortunately, both of us have been spared any serious sickness. For my part, this is certainly due to having received three vaccine doses. I encourage everyone to take the full set of vaccines, because that is the only way to overcome this epidemic."

Suomela was elected to the newly-formed Pirkanmaa County Council on Sunday with 1,406 votes following Finland's first-ever regional elections.

Last week, the MP took part in a party leaders' debate hosted by Yle on Thursday, which was also attended by the chairs of Finland's eight other main political parties.

Suomela replaced Maria Ohisalo as party leader in November when Ohisalo began her maternity leave.