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Russians in Finland face banking delays, payment problems

OP Financial Group said that banks may have to carry out additional investigations due to sanctions on Russia, in which case customers may experience delays in payment of wages.

The issues seem to have affected customers of OP Bank in particular. Image: Juho Liukkonen / Yle

Many Russian citizens living in Finland have reported not receiving their salaries in their bank accounts this week.

The problems are likely to be linked to economic sanctions being imposed on Russia due to its military assault on Ukraine, and the extra layers of bureaucracy that the measures bring.

A number of Russian people affected by the delays have taken to social media over the past few days to report they had received a confirmation of salary payment from their employer, but the money has not appeared in their account.

The issue seemed to affect customers of the OP bank in particular. As of Wednesday morning, Yle was not aware whether customers of other banks have experienced similar problems.

An OP statement said that payment transactions may be delayed due to sanctions against Russia. For example, banks must ensure that no payment transactions are made to individuals on sanctions lists.

"With the new sanctions and requirements under the sanctions legislation, we may have to make additional inquiries into the transmission of payments," the OP Bank Group's statement said, adding that the bank is prioritising salary-related payment transactions.