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Paperworkers' Union extends UPM strike to end of April

The union announced a two-week extension of the industrial action, as agreement over pay and working conditions has not been reached.

The strike has so far lasted three months. Image: Petri Aaltonen / Yle

The Paperworkers' Union announced on Thursday that UPM plant workers will extend an ongoing strike until the end of April, unless a deal with the company over a new collective labour agreement can be reached.

The strike was due to end by mid-April, but negotiations between the forest products firm and the union over pay and working conditions within the industry have failed to yield results.

The strike began on 1 January and involves about 2,000 workers across 12 paper mills.

From the outset of the talks UPM have said they would prefer to negotiate unit-by-unit, as the company argues the businesses differ from each other so vastly that a single collective agreement would not be applicable.

Having initially resisted this approach, the union agreed in February to negotiate on a unit-by-unit basis.

However, the Industrial Union stepped in to fund strike pay for Paperworkers' Union members, a signal that the dispute was more entrenched than ever.