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Greenpeace activists block cargo ship carrying coal from Russia

Protesters prevented energy firm Helen from unloading the cargo at its pier in Salmisaari.

Greenpeace kertoo estäneensä venäläisen hiililastin purkamisen Helsingissä
Greenpeace kertoo estäneensä venäläisen hiililastin purkamisen Helsingissä

Environmental organisation Greenpeace has said that it prevented dock workers from unloading coal from Russia at energy company Helen's pier in Salmisaari, Helsinki.

In a tweet (siirryt toiseen palveluun) on Tuesday, the organisation posted an image of climate activists dressed in construction gear and helmets, who appeared to have climbed over the fence surrounding the harbour.

Helsinki Police confirmed to Yle that there were about ten protesters gathered at the Tammasaari pier in Salmisaari on Tuesday morning.

The police also tweeted (siirryt toiseen palveluun) that they had detained nine activists at the protest.

Jarmo Hagström, Helen's power plant manager at Salmisaari, told Yle via text message that workers had already begun unloading the cargo, but the process was interrupted when the protesters arrived. According to Hagström, the unloading will continue when the situation calms down.

Greenpeace is protesting the actions of the City of Helsinki-owned Helen, which is still bringing in coal from Russia, after having announced that it would stop doing so about a month ago. The organisation is also calling on the energy company to stop buying gas from Russia.

On Monday, Helen announced in a press release that it would stop sourcing coal from Russia once its current long-term contracts with Russian suppliers conclude.

"Our contracts with Russian coal suppliers are coming to an end. The last coal cargo from one supplier will arrive tomorrow. We will comply with valid contracts until the end, after which we will stop the supply of coal from Russia," the company tweeted (siirryt toiseen palveluun) on Monday.

Greenpeace is demanding that the government intervenes to ensure that Finland completely phases out Russian fossil fuels.