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Poll: 55% approval for Marin government, support for SDP, Greens up

The SDP and Greens saw a bump in support since the last poll, while approval of the Finns Party fell by the same margin.

Party leaders Anna-Maja Henriksson (SPP), Emma Kari (Green), Sanna Marin (SDP), Annika Saarikko (Cen) and Li Andersson (Left) at a press conference on 5 April. Image: Silja Viitala / Yle

The latest biannual survey known as the party barometer shows stronger support for Prime Minister Sanna Marin's Social Democratic Party (SDP) and government partners the Greens compared to last autumn.

A majority of respondents, 55 percent, said that Marin's five-party centre-left cabinet has succeeded well or quite well. Meanwhile 37 percent were dissatisfied.

Highest approval rating since 1991

Supporters of four of the five coalition parties – the SDP, Greens, Left Alliance and Swedish People's Party (SPP) – were particularly satisfied. On the other hand backers of the second-largest party in the coalition, the Centre, were less pleased with the government's performance.

The Marin government has the five strongest approval ratings since the barometer was launched in October 1991. During this period, it has been the only government whose performance have been seen as good or quite good by a majority of respondents.

The next-most popular government was also led by a Social Democrat, Paavo Lipponen. In September 2001, his second cabinet earned an approval rating of 47 percent.

Approval for Finns Party dips

Overall approval was highest for the SDP, with 49 percent taking a highly or moderately positive view, followed by the main opposition National Coalition Party (46%), the Centre and the SPP (40%), the Greens (38%) and the Left (35%).

They were followed by three opposition parties: Movement Now (34%), the Christian Democrats (30%) and the Finns Party (29%).

The SDP and the Greens each saw a bump in support of four percentage points since last October's survey.

The only party to show a significant drop in positive views was the nationalist Finns Party, with support dropping by the same margin of four percent. Riikka Purra took over as party leader last August.

There were negligible changes in approval ratings for the other parties.

The party barometer, released on Friday, is commissioned by the largest parties. Pollster Kantar Public interviewed about 1,300 people on mainland Finland aged 15-79 for the survey between 4 and 11 April. It estimates the margin of error at 2.7 percentage points.