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Travellers board flights despite Extinction Rebellion airport protest

Airport operator Finavia on Saturday said climate activists had not prevented passengers at Helsinki Airport from reaching their departure gates.

Extinction Rebellion demonstrators at Helsinki Aiport on Saturday, 7 May 2022. Image: Seppo Samuli / Lehtikuva

Finavia on Saturday said it had not learned of any passengers missing flights because of Extinction Rebellion, or Elokapina, climate activists blocking security screening at Terminal 2.

Around 50 activists attempted to block the entrance to security screening around 3pm on Saturday.

Finavia said airport officials reacted by opening another security checkpoint at the terminal for screening passengers.

The Eastern Uusimaa police department said it apprehended 28 protesters who did not obey orders to leave the premises. They are suspected of disturbing the peace and disobeying police.

In its statement, the climate group said it "wants to underline the destruction of life caused by aviation and the global and local injustice underlying it." It also called on Finland to reduce air traffic.

On Friday, Extinction Rebellion blocked traffic at the intersection of Mannerheimintie and Simonkatu near Lasipalatsi, a busy spot in central Helsinki.

Friday's traffic blockage marked the start of a 15-day series of demonstrations by the environmental group, which wants to draw attention to climate issues.

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