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Gasum: Russia set to cease gas exports to Finland this week

Delivery capacity limits could make replacing the import volumes "challenging", Finland's state-owned gas company Gasum said in a statement on Wednesday.

Finnish state-owned gas company Gasum says it expects gas supplies from Russia to end on either Friday or Saturday. Image: Petteri Bülow / Yle

Imports of natural gas from Russia to Finland are likely to end this week, either on Friday or Saturday, according to a statement released on Wednesday by Finnish state-owned gas company Gasum.

The announcement comes after Gasum revealed on Tuesday that it is refusing to pay Russian gas firm Gazprom Export in rubles, as requested by the Russian company.

Gasum added that it was planning to settle the matter, as well as other "significant" issues of dispute, in arbitration.

In Wednesday's statement, Gasum said that it has not heard anything further from either Gazprom Export or the Russian transmission operator, further noting that it is now working to resolve the situation with customers and authorities responsible for emergency supply.

"During the coming summer season, Gasum will aim to ensure the availability of gas for its Finnish natural gas customers from other sources through the Balticconnector gas pipeline," the statement said, adding however that "constraints on transmission capacity" could make this challenging.

Gazprom has demanded payments in rubles from many of its contractors across the EU, and has set a deadline of Friday for companies to indicate whether they accept these terms.

Although gas imported from Russia is not used for home heating as much in Finland as in other EU countries, the resource is used in Finnish industry.

Finland's imports of natural gas from Russia rose by some 282 percent in value year-on-year in March, the month after Russia attacked Ukraine, according to figures provided by Finnish Customs.

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