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Finland reopens embassy in Kyiv

The security situation in the Ukrainian capital has improved, Finland's foreign ministry says.

Stock photo of Independence Square, located in central Kyiv. Image: Pauli Lahti / Yle

The Finnish embassy in Kyiv will reopen, the foreign ministry announced, citing the improved security situation in the Ukrainian capital.

The ministry added that Finland's ambassador to Ukraine Päivi Laine will also return to her post.

"The Finnish mission in Kyiv continues to operate under exceptional arrangements," the statement (siirryt toiseen palveluun)said. "The customer service and the reception of visa and residence permit applications are closed until further notice."

The ambassador and all Finnish citizens employed by the embassy in Kyiv evacuated the country for security reasons at the end of February, shortly after Russia's invasion.

Despite the embassy's reopening, the ministry still advises people against travel to Ukraine and urges Finnish citizens who are still there to leave the country immediately.