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Finland's mild weather to get wetter, cooler

This week's brief foray into summer-like temperatures is set to end, at least for a while, on Thursday.

Yle meteorologists' forecast for Wednesday (Keskiviikko), Thursday (Torstai) and Friday (Perjantai). Image: Yle Sää/Matti Huutonen

The mild, nearly summer-like, weather in the beginning of this week is expected to change to cooler temperatures and wetter conditions.

The highest temperature seen in Finland this week — and this year, for that matter — was recorded in Ylivieska, a town in northern Ostrobothnia, at 23.5 degrees on Tuesday.

The warm temperatures seen on Monday and Tuesday may even increase on Wednesday, but a low pressure system is expected to bring down temperatures in Ylivieska, for example, by around 10 degrees Celsius on Thursday, according to Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen.

Rain is forecast across many areas on Thursday and the precipitation will move in a northeasterly direction on Friday.

The amount of this week's rainfall is expected to be moderate, but enough to reduce forest fire risks in some areas where such warnings are currently in effect.