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Cyber Centre: No increase in cyber attacks since Nato application

Finnish authorities had warned that Russia might step up its cyber attacks in retaliation for Finland applying to join the Nato alliance.

File photo. Image: Ronnie Holmberg / Yle

There has been no noticeable increase in the number of cyber attacks being reported to the National Cyber Security Centre since Finland submitted an application to join the Nato alliance on 18 May.

Prior to the application being made, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom had warned that an increase in cybersecurity threats from Russia was likely.

"The situation has remained stable in recent weeks, and there are no significant fluctuations in the total number of notifications being received by the Cyber Security Centre," the centre's Director General Sauli Pahlman wrote in an email reply to Yle's questions.

He added that a small number of additional reports were received last week compared to previous weeks, but the figures were well within the normal range. In total, 36 incident reports were made to the centre last week.

"This is by no means an exceptional amount, and no previously unseen features have been observed in the cases reported in recent weeks," Pahlman said.

In the weeks prior to Finland submitting the application to join Nato, the number of cases ranged from between 13 to 21.

Pahlman added that Finland's cyber security system is "very good" and a crisis is very unlikely, even if the number of cyber attacks increased significantly.