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APN podcast: Finland's 'torille' tradition

This week's episode examines why Finns climb statues to celebrate sporting success and asks if pay increases are the answer to Finland's rising inflation rate.

Image: Jouko Kallio

With inflation in the Eurozone hitting a record 8.1 percent during the month of May, this week's episode of All Points North examines how Finland can tackle the surging rise in prices.

"Now the big question is how wage earners will adapt to this higher inflation, will there be any extra pay rises, how do the firms react, what does it mean for the collective agreement negotiations? This is a big question at the moment," Chief Economist Patrizio Lainà of trade union confederation STTK told APN.

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Sporting successes and market squares

Finland won the ice hockey world championship on Sunday 29 May in front of an ecstatic home crowd at the Tampere Arena.

The success was Finland's fourth world title in total, but the first on home ice, and led to scenes of wild celebrations — usually focused around local market squares — across the country.

APN hears from Johanna Sumiala, an Associate Professor in Media and Communication Studies at the University of Helsinki, on the Finnish tradition of celebrating sporting success by congregating at market squares and — in some cases — climbing statues of important cultural heritage.

"On one hand we have this narrative of Finnish people being quite obedient, meaning it's important to follow rules," Sumiala told APN. "But then there is this other side, this wild side, and I think that there is a balance between the two."

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