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Finland lifts all Covid border restrictions

There is no longer any requirement for passengers arriving from outside the Schengen or EU areas to show a vaccination certificate or negative coronavirus test result.

The lifting of restrictions could see an increase in passenger traffic coming into Finland from Russia. Image: Annu Passoja / Yle

All Covid-related restrictions on Finland's external borders will end on 30 June, the Ministry of the Interior has stated in a press release.

This means that from the beginning of July, all passengers arriving into the country from outside the Schengen and EU areas will no longer be required to show a vaccination certificate or negative coronavirus test result.

In addition, Covid tests will no longer be carried out at border crossing points.

The decision comes after Finnish health authorities said there are no longer any health grounds for keeping the restrictions in place, the ministry added.

Regulations at Finland's borders for passengers arriving from Schengen Area countries as well as non-Schengen EU member states were lifted at the end of January.

The full removal of the measures from July is expected to lead to increased traffic from the non-Schengen and non-EU regions, including across Finland's border with Russia.

The Interior Ministry noted that traffic volumes across the eastern border will still be affected by the desire of Russians to travel to Finland as well as the number of valid visas.

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