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Employment continued to rise in May

The unemployment rate has also fallen to its lowest level since March-April of 2008.

According to Statistics Finland, the employment rate has continued to rise. Image: Aalto Puutio / Yle

The employment rate rose and unemployment continued to fall in May according to Statistics Finland. Employment rose 73.9 percent and unemployment fell to 6.1 percent.

Earlier in February of this year, the employment rate rose to 74 percent, a record high. However, unemployment during February was 6.8 percent.

According to the number crunching agency, there were 61,000 more individuals employed than in May of last year. The change in unemployment from May of this year to last year was 68,000 people.

Economist Juho Keskinen from credit institution Hypo pointed out that the unemployment rate has now fallen as low as it was in March-April of 2008. He added that the last time unemployment rates were lower than this was in May 1991.