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Gas prices see slight drop during Midsummer

The average price of 95-octane gas during the celebratory week was 2.55 euros per litre.

Rising gas prices have majorly affected consumers' purchasing power this year. Image: Seppo Ahava / Yle

The average price of petrol in Finland fell during the Midsummer week, following a steady rise since Russia's invasion of Ukraine and deepening inflation.

The week saw the average price per litre drop to 2.55 euros, according to data from Statistics Finland. By contrast, the price of diesel increased slightly during the same period, to 2.49 euros per litre.

Despite the slight downturn, costs are higher than in the beginning of April when the price of 95-octane petrol was 2.18 euros per litre and that of diesel 2.26 euros.

Higher fuel prices have also affected the prices of overall consumer goods, with transportation costs for goods rising by 14 percent year-on-year in May due to inflation.

In addition to the war in Ukraine, the weakening of the euro against the dollar has also affected gas prices, as crude oil and petroleum products are priced in dollars.