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Finland's strawberries looking good after last year's disappointing harvest

Last June's high temperatures triggered an early strawberry harvest and an abrupt end to the season.

The harvest season returns this year to its usual place at the turn of June and July. Image: Minna Rosvall / Yle

Harvest season for domestic strawberries has begun in many parts of Finland, returning to normal after last summer's unusually warm weather. Because of last June's high temperatures, the strawberry harvest season started early and ended quickly.

This year, the season returns to its usual time, towards the end of June.

Although cool weather during the spring and early summer slowed strawberry ripening this year, conditions have still been favourable.

"Strawberries like it a little cooler and there has been enough water," according Miikka Ilomäki, Executive Director of the Finnish Association of Fruit and Berry Growers.

At the moment, the sun and heat are now speeding up the ripening process.

"Quality should be perfect this year. Everything has gone as planned, so the harvest will be top-quality and tasty," Ilomäki predicted.

The industry declined to give a price prediction for strawberries this year.

However, Raisa Haavikko, executive director of the Berry Growers' Association of the Suonenjoki Region, said that a radical price increase was unlikely.