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Storm system moving through Finland

Electrical storm and wind warnings are in effect, particularly in the eastern portions of the country.

The storm system will move eastwards from the west of the country on Saturday. Image: Tiina Jutila / Yle

Thunderstorms and heavy rain are predicted throughout Saturday as a storm system slowly moves from west to east.

The eastern portion of the country, from Kainuu to Karelia, will face the brunt of the storm as electrical storm, wind and heavy rain warnings are in effect until Saturday night.

While wind speeds will be more stable in the west, in the east gusts could reach speeds up to 25 metres per second.

Meteorologist Jouko Korhonen from the Finnish Meteorological Institute predicted that in the eastern portions of the country and where the storm will be the strongest, it will rain up to 20 millimetres per hour.

Korhonen urged boaters and bathers from going out to the water in the eastern parts of the country, even if the weather appears to be sunny and clear.