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Extinction Rebellion stages protest at Helsinki Teboil station

A cohort of social and health care professionals and students demand that Finland cuts itself off from Russian fossil fuels immediately.

Image: Extinction Rebellion Twitter

Members of Extinction Rebellion — an environmental movement seeking to address climate change — blocked pumps of a Teboil petrol station this afternoon in the Ruskeasuo neighbourhood of Helsinki.

Extinction Rebellion's protesters were mostly social and health care professionals and students, according to a tweet from the group (siirryt toiseen palveluun). The organisation demanded that Finland speeds up cutting off fossil fuels and immediately stop using Russian fossil fuels.

Teboil is a subsidiary of Russian-owned oil conglomerate Lukoil.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, Extinction Rebellion has protested against the use of Russian fossil fuels.

According to Helsinki police, officers arrived on the scene and began negotiating with the protesters.

By the police's own estimate, there are about 30 protesters at the petrol station.

According to Extinction Rebellion, the goal of preventing access to the pumps is to serve as a reminder of the roles of fossil fuels in accelerating the climate and environmental crisis.

Extinction Rebellion also said that the protest went as planned and that no one was arrested.

The organisation is concurrently protesting against the rally race in Jyväskylä this weekend, which saw counter protesters attempt to spray the organisation with manure-laden water. However, police dispersed the counter protesters.